Getting Started 

Congratulations on your purchase of Scout ES200!

On this page, we’ll help you get started with the Scout App and find other useful resources including the Scout user manual and your warranty claim.

Get Started With The Scout App

The Scout mobile and web app is a powerful tool that allows you to seemlessly record, analyze, and leverage disinfection data throughout your facility.

Now that you have your sprayer, go ahead and set up your account to start managing your team. 

Manage all your disinfecting efforts with the tap of a finger. Integrate your team, assignments, and resources into one organized place.

Scout operators can pick up routes to ensure they’re cleaning and disinfecting where, when, and how they’re supposed to.

Track your team’s activity to ensure you’re achieving regulatory compliance and practicing proper maintanance for your sprayers.


Product Overview


FAQ Sheet

Technical Specs

Assembly Instructions



Customer Warranty

Scout’s material components were thoughtfully designed to achieve industry-leading durability and reliability. Additionally, Scout’s integrated software can predict system failures and send preventative maintenance alerts to keep your sprayers in the field. Should something go wrong, Scout offers a one year warranty.

To learn more about Scout ES200, or to chat with an EIP expert, please contact us.

Scout ES200 is a patent pending system under multiple patent applications