Our Solutions

At Lighthouse, we believe that the process is just as important as the outcome. That’s why we sell solutions, not products.

Lighthouse Solutions offers a platform of complementary best-in-class technologies coupled with optimized protocols that address every area of potential pathogen transmission in any environment.

The three pillars of success

Our solutions are built on three key pillars: people, technology, and process.

People: Your facility staff are key players in implementing the appropriate disinfecting technologies and protocols that we put in place, which is why we carefully train them to carry out your customized cleaning program. 

Technology: We specialize in evaluating existing disinfecting products and processes, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing best-in-class technologies catered specifically to your facility’s needs.

Process: When you put it all together, you’ll see that our bundled approach of offering complementary technologies and optimized disinfecting protocols addresses every area of potential pathogen transmission in your environment.

We offer a portfolio of best-in-class cleaning and disinfecting technologies and tools. Each technology is selected following a rigorous review of its scientific merits versus competing products. Our technologies must meet three criteria: 1) improve efficacy over current products; 2) allow for significant efficiency gains for our customers; 3) increase overall facility safety.

Improved efficacy, efficiency, and safety requires not only best-in-class technologies, but also optimized operational protocols that can be consistently followed. To that end, we provide clear recommendations for how to adjust and update current protocols to achieve the best results. Recommended protocol and process changes are a part of the overall solution that we provide to customers.

To ensure that our best-in-class technologies are used appropriately and that all processes are followed correctly, we provide in-depth, onsite training for all of your staff. This includes working with the researchers that access your facility on a routine basis. We work with every member of your facility to ensure that they are consistently following protocols to achieve maximum cleanliness and pathogen reduction.

Following our implementation training, we actively engage your facility on a long-term basis. We regularly check in, are a resource for questions or concerns, and are available to ensure that the program we put in place in your facility continues to work as prescribed.

We have dramatically improved cleaning & disinfecting efficacy, efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance with hundreds of facilities around North America.